Thursday, June 11, 2009

What on earth did you do while I was on summer break???

Well really it wasn't summer break, I was just too lazy to update.

Mom and I went to go see Blackforest Productions the Thorn and the Rose--it was pretty good. It's nice to see Carla and Jimmy constantly redefining themselves, this was mostly video and live music. We also had Indian buffet <3

Chris' band, Tahoe Sky, played up in Paletine, Mom's got the goods on that here

In the mean time, I passed all my classes with pretty damn good grades--I'm very proud of myself! 3.66 GPA -- A in ceramics (almost had a heart attack at that one!), B in anthro

Cleaned up the lab for summer break

Moved over to different shelves

And did a cone six reduction. This was all crap I glazed early last year (god only knows when I made it) and grabbed to throw into the reduction. We actually got to eightish instead of six(see cone pack)--alot of stuff bubbled or had a very matte surface so I'm going to refire to six just in the electric. I've been enjoying Brian's class--very informative--and I'm terribly excited for starting the design of our kilns in two weeks!!!!!!