Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back to blogging!

Hey look! I'm in the paper! Just one of the many things delaying me from updating recently...

In Marina's class it's been about pitchers. We had to make three sets of opposite/contrasting pitchers. I did a set of nesting pitchers, a set that took at look at angular and curved, and a set that nestles into each other, the larger sheltering the smaller. The last looks a bit like a fountain, it's definitely my favorite!

I started a new class a few Mondays ago, all about surface design. The work load is crazy! 50 test tiles! 5o! A quarter of them were used to display different slip decoration techniques (slip is colored, liquid clay.) I couldn't bare to keep making squares, so I threw a bunch of six inch bowls. Then we had to make a set of eight tumblers to decorate--each with a different technique, but all following the same design scheme. Then four more pieces. For people who don't throw much I'm sure it's brutal.

In both Sarah and Marina's class we've been making slips. It's kind of neat to control *exactly* what color you'd like it to be, but I can tell already I'm definitely going to buy my supplies prepared! ;) I did, however, make some colored clays-blue, purple and green. I let them sit over the weekend to throw tomorrow or Tuesday.

Marina and Brian have been giving kiln-firing lessons. Marina showed us how to fire the electric kiln. Since it's fired with a computer, that's mostly about learning how fast to fire it, and how to input that instruction. The gas kiln with Brian is much cooler! It's about watching the flame, the temperature, the air intake, the temperature at different parts in the kiln, the cones....just craziness! By the time I get to niu I'd like to be able to fire a gas kiln either on my own or with someone just watching to make sure everything is done correctly.

Also, on a super-awesome note, I was in the school paper! The reporter ambushed me at the wedging table and thrust a list of questions at me. Talk about deer in the headlights. Then he lost the picture he took! That ended up working in my vanity's favor though, he came back and got a show of me throwing. Much more impressive than wedging. But, much to my embarrassment, he quoted me wrong! It says something like " 'throwing' or spinning pottery" I'm a joke to my peers! But you can check out the story until Friday.

I finished Farscape months ago, and I've been too busy to really get into anything else. But I watched the three Charmeds Dad got for me a couple weeks ago last night. It struck me, yet again, the curve between how hard bizarre revelations hit characters and the show's budget. Whoops--we're witches. ...alright then.