Sunday, March 8, 2009

Curse my generous nature!

Oh what an eventful past few days! Of course at the top of the list is my aquisition of two more rabbits. When I turned on my headlights on Thrusday night what should I spy but two large, beautiful, black and white lop eared bunnies. My friend lent me a dog crate for them, and got me into contact with a rescuer. She's going to call around, though she did mention the possibilty of fostering them for a while. I hope not--I feel myself getting attached already! Mom too. Bunny hated them at first, but is making progress--yesterday she just layed by their crate. They do still antagonize her while it's their turn out, she's very territorial. Most rabbits are, I think. *She* has to get to know them. On the whole they're much more docile than Bunny. Suze loves to sit cuddled up against my leg getting scratched for hours, and it's been very easy to gain Herb's trust as well. I just hope someone who can give them a better home than I can finds them soon!

Friday night we took Mom to see Great Big Sea for her birthday. She found out early, despite our attempts to keep it on the low down. She had a fabulous time. They played alot of older stuff. (I went to Mom's blog just now to get the list only to find she hadn't posted one!) The show was fantastic, the crowd was awesome and they absolutely played to that. Two encores and six songs! Plus the first verse of Rant and Roar. It was set up fantastically--a dance song, then a song I didn't like or coudln't dance to. Nice.

Have some pottery pics! My main shelf (devoid of work for once!), my clay shelf and my bisque.

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