Monday, March 30, 2009

Weird dreams....

Well I've been having crazy dreams. Chris was in one. We were at his mom's house, she was there too. There were so many pineapples and the three of us were standing around an islan in the kitchen that doesn't actually exist. I was helping cut the fruit up, but I didn't want to eat any because they were so expensive. Kim explained that they came from Chris' aunt's pineapple farm in Florida--she had sent the small ones she cant' sell because Chris loves them so much. I dont' think he actually likes pineapple. But since they were free I was going to eat some of them. Later I was going to throw some garbage away in the kitchen, and I realized the garbage can was upside down and all the garbage was seperated into small ziplock bags. I was going to put what I had in a ziplock too, when Kim came in to do it for me. She was afraid I woudln't do it, or do it correctly. Mo had apparently figured out how to get into the garbage--she was in a kennel. I remember being sad seeing her locked up. Also there was something to do with guinea pigs and college.

Then last night I had a dream that I was one of the witches on Charmed. We were fighting a vampire. (The actor actually played a lunatic vampire on Buffy, and then a lunatic ghost on Charmed.) The details are very fuzzy--there was a white room, like a doctor's office with shelves along the far wall. It was only half a room though, open on the right like those faux kitchens they have at Ikea. We were trying to...make a potion maybe, to kill him. We had to sneak through the house, which turned out to be ours, trying to avoid him before we were ready. Eventually he caught me, but I said my name was different than it was so he would think I was a different one of the sisters and they could then catch him by surpise. I remember being very scared but I didn't wake up scared.

Pretty crazy huh?

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