Friday, January 23, 2009

Arguments and Koolaid Experiements

School's running pretty smoothly. My books were ridiculously expensive. The math I know isn't going to be worth it, but I have a feeling I'll have trouble parting with my anthro book. I definately know I'll be getting more from it than the class. The instructor and I got into it again. He was lecturing on the difference between the more scientific study of why people do things as opposed to the effects that those actions have. Which is fine, absolutely! But he went on to say he was going to teach very little about understanding the effects because he was more interested in the why. He said some very disrespectful things about sociologists and psychologists as well. I just can't believe the arrogance of that man. And the thing is, he's so wrong! Yes yes, we all need a better understanding of why humans behave the way they do, but one simply cannot fully understand the why unless they are very comfortable with the effects it has. He asked if anyone was ''annoyed'' by his little tirade. When I voiced my opinion he didn't even bother to defend himself, just made it clear he was the teacher and he was going to teach what he wanted, even though he knew it was very one sided. hmpt!

Of course on the bright side, ceramics came after. A fairly unproductive day. One section to my woman figure collapsed. I knew it would too, I just felt like I was falling behind everyone else. But there's always next week, and I don't think she's due till the twenty ninth. Most of the work on her comes after she's out of the kiln anyway.
I put my model for this piece to good use, turning it into a coffee mug. I definately can improve on my handles so I tried a new method. You score a fat coil where you want the begining of your handle to be, then pull it on the cup itself. My first attempt was a little flimsy, my second thick and not quite right. I kept it anyway ;)
Today I decided to finally stain the wood of my wall pieces. Being as broke as I am, I thought cherry koolaid a clever substitute. I was also a bit concerned that a stain would be too dull. I mixed it with water and applied it to the wood and wa-la! It didn't soak in at all! It also turned out much brighter than I had wanted. Mom thinks stains are cheaper than I had originally thought, so I guess I'll go that route. Eventually.

This morning I took Grandma to the beauty shop to get her hair cut. Of course when I do I get bribed with Garbaldi's. The pizza was good today, seemed like there was a little more cheese than usual. Jon was slighty jealous. (mwaa haa) I stopped at Grandma's the other day too, and had left over hamburger helper and fries and vinegar. I'd forgotten about them until we had to get vinegar for Dad's ear infection. I also took Mom grocery shopping yesterday and ohmygod I had the best pasta salad known to *man.* It was raw broccoli, cheese, pine nuts, red onions and this cole slaw-type sauce. I did end up picking out most of the pieces of onion but GOD was it good! I just can't think straight when I think about food...I gotta go

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