Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Political resistance is tasty

More on the anthropology situation after tomorrow's episode...

I've been having a really great time working on this figure project. I'm trying things I normally wouldn't. It sounds weird, but I can *feel* myself learning. It turned out to be four pieces instead of three, those are pictures of me attatching the last ring. She turned out to be much taller and skinnier than the model, so I'm at a bit of a loss how to do the proportions correctly. Especially since I can't reach the bottom anymore, even when I stand on a chair. I'm gonna wake up at ass o'clock tomorrow to go in and smack her around a bit. Thankfully Marina's there at nine. Again, I don't really like her personality but she has fantastic feedback. I really appriciate her opinions, and I feel my work has responded in leaps and bounds working with her.
I glazed some of those terracottas while I was waiting for the rings to dry enough to attatch. There they are with wax drying on their bottoms.

I had a pretty ok dinner at Grandma's yesterday. I feel like if I'm not there things don't get done properly. No biscuits, no sprouts, and I had to mash the potatoes and get everything else's ass in gear. It woudln't have been that bad, but with Mom and I both there Grandma was incessantly asking questions just to get attention. But the stuffing was really good, I'm glad. Tomorrow after school I'm going for fries, dressing and gravy. A first for me so I'm excited!

Today around noon I was called to battle. The salad situation had spiraled out of control--third time this week! An army of cheese, croutons, egg and greens protected by a sheild of dressing had to be ruthlessly subdued. I've recently had some success by attacking the brains of the operation, cauliflower and broccoli florettes, bit by bit, driving down the soilder's sprits and making my attacks easier. When I marched into their capitol it was just cheese and croutons left standing, throwing themselves to the mercy of my fork. I love being a dictator.

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