Sunday, January 18, 2009

So Thrusday was my first day of classes this semester. My anthropology class seems like it's going to be interesting. I got the first good vibe before the class started. There's a case in the room that has shards of pottery as well as student made replicas. Woot! Then the instructor got my name right. We're also studying alot of geography. I definately need to improve on that and cultures are give a great context for memorization. Then math....oh my god math is horrible! The students in the class are the most obnoxious group of immature.....blehs! I've had a class with. It's ridiculous expecting someone to be able to concentrate in that atmosphere. So I'm moving to a Monday/Wednesday class. Even if the class is the same thing I'll be more able to take the strain because it will be my first class of the day and I'll have ceramics to look forward to afterward. I get off almost three hours before the next class starts, but I can always go hang in the lab or grab some dinner or something.

Ceramics, as per usual, is awesome! Our first project is to express the human form in a piece at least three feet high. I'm really excited--I'm going to throw a large cylander and manipulate it into the bust of a woman. When she dries up a bit I'm going to put a series of holes through the top of her breasts. When she's been fired, I'll construct a metal frame through the outer holes for a loom. The warp will go through smaller holes between the two ends. I might not even weave it at all, just have the warp runing through. I'm so excited!!! Any thoughts anyone?

On the ceramics note...Mary sent me back the first piece I ever made. I was honestly surpised and proud of myself--it's not terrible for a first piece. I am, however, constantly surpised about people's attraction to pieces. Mary really liked it, despite being terrible, because of the colors. So I'll make her a replacement set with the same glazes. But that baby's going straight to the china cabinet.

Dinner at Grandma's this Thrusday was undeniably disapointing. I was hoping for mashed potatoes, corn, biscuits...I got boiled red potatoes and corn. And she had almost run out of butter so I had to use it and margerine. Then today I went over there and made the hash brown hamburger helper. It's good, especially if you use real cheese instead of the sauce that comes with it. But for some reason the potatoes were al dente. I like all my food to be moosh consistency. What's really exciting, however, is Thursday's dinner! She's going to make corn bread and stuffing! She always saves me a piece of the bread, too. So Thrusday we're having mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, sprouts all that shit. Then we're going to make the extra stuffing into fries, dressing and gravy. One of my core beliefs is that any food can be made better with a few more starches. Of course I did save the best for last. Carla's coming over Tuesday, and since I'm switching math classes hopefully she'll still be there when I get back--and we can make toutans! Mom and I found partridge berry jam too.

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