Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Post!

So here it is--my first post. I've never been the blogging type, so please exercise patience while reading!

I'd like to take this moment to apologize for my use of smilies. I just can't help it. I'm really not a very subtle person and they definately drives the point home.

So I've been selling pretty often lately ( sales this week! One of them was my first repeat customer. When I was packing her jar I realized I had missed a small glaze flaw on the inside. I sent a small bowl (her first purchase was one) inside her package and wrote her an apology, letting her know if she wasn't happy with that we could work out a store credit or something. Thankfully she didn't care about the flaw and was delighted to get another bowl! Then today I sold a really cool shroom that had a lava glaze on it. That creates a texture similar to the outside of a wrinkly orange, but far more exaturated. It's pretty cool, I almost kept that one for myself.

Tomorrow school starts! I'm really really excited!!! Over the break I had started to fuse to my bed, and when going to Jewel is the high point of the day something is very wrong. I accidently ended up with tons of credits--going full time! On Tuesdays and Thrusdays I have cultural anthropology from eleven to twelve fifteen. (I really like this time slot because it gives me time to get lunch or get to the lab early.) Then at one the highlight of my day-ceramics! I sort of hope she gives different assignments from last semester. It's a split one/two class, so I've seen all of them already. Then at four math. Bleh. But I get out at six thirty, so I can grab a snack or head to the lab until eight. Starting in Feb. I have a ceramics class from six to nine thirty on Mondays and Wednesdays. It's a class focusing on surface design. This isnt' an area I'm particularly interested in, so I'm excited that I'll be pushing myself. But this class, unlike my last late start ceramics class, is three credits. Thankfully it's a gift from Melissa! (tanks again love) Then my math class is five credits instead of three. Which I guess I should be thankful for, at least I'm getting my effort's worth from the class. ;)

Tomorrow is Thrusday which means--you guessed it, laundry day! Grandma is making meatloaf for da bys but hopefully I can get her to make mashed potatoes. I have chicken over there already. (By the way, Target [of all places] has Morning Star chicken and stuff for a dollar fifty to two dollars cheaper than Jewel and Dominicks.) If not I think there's a sweet potato there with my name on it.


  1. Blah how boring, put more juicier stuff in here.

  2. Your semester sounds awesome. Cultural anthro should be fun even though it's not ceramics. You could always write your final paper on pottery production in some ancient culture or something.

  3. oh ho, not one paper due in this class! but they teacher seems pretty cool and a little funny so it should be good