Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday happenings

So it only took two days for me and my anthropology teacher to get into it. He gives us a charted survey of his past two or three years of students answering "How often do you asses your ability to "take down" others in a physical fight?" Later he starts telling us about a survey of a couple neighborhoods that drastically underreported their beer consumption. His argument is that surveys are terrible ways to gather information. ....twenty minutes after giving us a survey to support biological anthropology? hmpt.

Ceramics, of course, was quite the opposite. I got some great feedback from Marina, ultimately moving the location of my frame starting at her abdomin and climbing up to her lower neck area. I had taken in my clay last night to thaw out to no avail. So this morning I stopped in the lab before class and put two of the bags in buckets of hot water. Of course, there were holes in the bags >.> So I had fifty pounds of slush to wedge. It still all wasn't dry by the time I left today. I also reconstituted a couple buckets of dry clay I had laying around from last semester. So help me god if I ever have to wedge again.... But class was just fantasic! There are so many awesome people it's so social. /sigh I'm moving in.

Dad has an ear infection and it's really really bad. I don't think I've ever seen him in so much pain. Because nothing worked for so long he just decided to get hammered! He said some really really nice things that touched me so much.

Just a good day overall.

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