Sunday, April 5, 2009

Candles and Majolica

My procrastination has once again led to me scrambling to get things finished. Tomorrow I'm supposed to have two pieces ready to bisque for majolica glazing--I threw them tonight, hopefully I can get the feet trimmed on the bowl and plate and the handle attatched to the teacup tomorrow. I'm sure I can finagle them into a bisque sometime this week so no one will be the wiser. It would be much worse but Marina pushed back our due date on the teapots until she gets back from NCECA *turns green with envy*
I got a compliment from another potter on Etsy who said I had a niche with my mushrooms and my candles. Then another seller who runs a not for profit selected a candle as a possible piece to go into her store. This persuaded me to make a few more for my store--check out pictures of some candles in progress and a couple done!

Chris and Jeff's friend Greg has been giving me tips on how to take better photos, one of them being how to build a two dollar light box. I meant to have it done but made a wrong cut on the box and am too tired to fix it tonight.

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