Friday, April 3, 2009


Here are the results of the saggars!!!!!! I simply can*not* describe how excited and pleased I am with the results!
The bowl was completely unglazed. It was made from the Great Lakes superior stoneware, a body that matures pinkish. It gave two fanabulous suprises! It was fired upside down, and the unglazed inside flashed PURPLE--and not just a bit of that pinkish purple you get often from copper reduction, deep plum. It also cratered a bit. The outside flecked beautiful gold specks in the bare clay. Not burnt yellow--metallic gold. It must be the body--the saggar was made from the same clay and did the same thing on the inside of the lid. It also hazed a bit of metallic around where the soda ash was applied (see last post).

The container turned out nicely as well. It was a porcelain from Great Lakes. I decorated it solely with unwashed ash. I'm not stoked about how the ash came out--it was nice, but it seems like there's too little or too much. It has that beautiful long wood fired look where it was applied though, nice and crusty. It picked up a beautiful copper-colored fuzzing around the marks, metallic again. Just beautiful! The inside was an experiment more successful than I could have imagined--a RED copper red. Semi-matte, but it goes well with the overall piece. The inside of the lid was glazed as well, and it hazed over the inside of the flange to create a beatiful orange all the way up to where the flange meets the lid. I'm very eager to test this in the wood kiln.

Can't wait for the next saggar!

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