Saturday, April 18, 2009

Computer Crap

Well my life has been sucking pretty hard lately, since it revolves for the most part around my computers--of which I have two, and of which *neither* are working.

It started with the new rabbits after two months finally deciding they do in fact like to eat cords--so I had to play musical keyboards with all the other computers in the house trying to find one. Then my laptop stopped working with a monitor. Since the screen is cracked, I can't use it. I gave it to a friend to fix and can't get into contact with him, so I can't use this awesome case Dad got for me today to use its drive as an external. (This also causes major problems because all of my listing pictures for my store are on lappy) In the mean time I'd hooked up compy 386. It started having boot errors, culminating tonight in its total collapse. Turns out the hard drive is bad. Thank god I haven't saved anything terribly imporant on it yet since it's only been since last week that lappy has been out of commission. Dad had another, larger, drive sitting around that he threw in here but it's taking forever to reinstall all my programs and get everything the way I like it. And it has internet explorer 8 on it! I had been boycotting 7!

Wish me luck!

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