Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smokin' the lady continued

It's been so warm outside we've been taking out the girls. One day was so hot bunny laid down against the house for a nap! hehe she's so cute!

Tuesday I was asked to stay late and demo for an art open house. We pulled a wheel out into the hall and clay was provided, it was pretty cool. But very very low turn out. Not to mention I got stuck in a conversation with Simpsons comic book guy meets Renassiance Faire chain mail maker. Of course I forgot to take pictures until we'd already cleaned up.

Tuesday we also started smoking my lady! First we packed her into a 55 gallon drum with sawdust and other combustables

She was a tad too tall so we had to build up a wall around her

Once she was all packed we got her started!

Unfortunately she went out sometime that night. She did smoulder for about a foot. So today we tried again. Brian ran out of matches, so I asked Jeff. He had.....flint and steel. He *actually* had some! So the boys were out there for an hour trying to get paper and then tried grass and then slivers of bark to start on fire. It was absolutely hysterical! I wish Colleen would have been there, it would have made our cave man reenactment complete! Then one of them had the great idea to stick a stick inside the firing gas kiln. I don't think they actually ever got a living flame, just embers, but finally they got some of the paper lit. It subsequently went out. We'll try again tomorrow---with matches!

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