Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Apparently I still don't have the hang of arranging pictures correctly

It's been a while and I've been busy

Today we loaded a gas kiln. Marina said more stuff more stuff so I glazed the, oh, twenty extra test tiles I had from Sarah's class. I made bowls so that's them there in the lower middle. Alot of those small vases are mine as well. Tomorrow around nine she's going to start body reduction, to change the red iron oxide to the black, and give the body that nice grey color. I told her maybe I'd be there and maybe I wouldn't. She'll do the glaze reduction later in the day so I won't miss too too much.

Here are my majolica tests from Sarah's class.

The Galburg opening is tomorrow, I'm excited about that. However it's given me my first chance to be the "disgruntled artist." I told two seperate people my eggplant is *not* a floor piece--of course it ended up on the floor. I'm sorry if you don't have the right size displays, you shouldn't accept pieces you can't display properly! I didn't attatch the two pieces of the eggplant on the same slant, and the higher it is the less you can tell. I'm upset because there's monetary rewards involved and now is a time where I could *really* use it!
I learned to cross stitch over the weekend. I bought a set of stamped pillow cases when Hancock moved over to Lombard and finally had Mom dig them out the other day and say "hey, are you ever going to make these?" Check them out

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