Monday, April 20, 2009

My haul!

Ooo ooo ooo I had tons of stuff come out of the gas kiln today! I'm not going to try and move pictures around so their descriptions are next to the pictures, you're just gonna have to figure it out ;)

The vase with the red, pink and purple is a gift straight from Cheesus! It's a chemical reaction that occurs during the reduction of the glazes near the end of the firing, and it is not guarenteed! It flows from a beautiful tropical aqua to purpley pinks and then pinky reds. Unfortunately it has a big ol' flaw! This would have been my best piece from the gas if it didn't :(

That weird looking bowl with the three triangle slices of deep blue is actually a glaze test. I took a base and made three variations of it, all with 10% cobalt. Unfortunately I couldn't get good pictures, but trust me-one of them came out awesome ;)

I also have pictures of the slides I made for Jimmy. Mom thinks they might be too short--I have no idea, I just asked the advice of a friend who plays bass. Coincidently, the green slide is the same color of the vase, just not blessed by Cheesus.

The rest of the pictures are just bowls and vases I did test glazing on. One in particular came out absolutely fantastic, looking like there's a sun in the bottom. I applied all the decoration to the bowls in a slip trailer.
Praise Cheesus!

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